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Featured in Florida Weekly! – Clinical excellence and unparalleled service for venous problems in the legs

About Us Our nationally certified vascular specialists strive 100% to provide the highest level of patient care and academic expertise. We perform minimally invasive surgical and catheter-based procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and imaging guidance. Many conditions that once required open surgery can now be treated less invasively and with less risk, pain, and recovery time. […]

Spider Veins – Know the Warning Signs

It is excessive weight gain, as well as overall pressure put on the veins, that can cause spider veins. These kinds of veins are thin and scraggly, and they can be found not just on the legs but also, sometimes, on the face. When it comes to excessive weight gain causing spider veins, if the […]

Intro – Spring News 2022

At Fort Myers Vein Specialists, we understand how nerve-wracking you may be for your first visit. We are here to guide you every step of the way…it’s what we love to do! We’ve put together a few steps on what to expect during your first visit. Our goal is to make your experience positive and […]

Garment Maintenance

How to apply compression stockings? There are several different techniques on how to apply compression stockings, with no “wrong” way if the stocking is evenly distributed on the leg or limb without any wrinkles or creases. One must ensure that the heel pocket is placed properly, and that the garment terminates at the proper location. […]

Intro – Winter News 2021

We are about to close out 2021! Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but this year has been one of a kind for me! The craziness started early and never let up the entire year! Here are a few highlights: 1) COVID vaccinations got into full swing2) Florida students really got back […]

Intro – Fall News 2021

This 2nd edition of our quarterly newsletter comes to you from our brand new location in Fort Myers! We made our move finally at the beginning of July! We are very excited to be in the new space, which allows us to better serve you. If you haven’t already looked up where we are, the […]

Intro – Spring News 2021

This is the first of hopefully many quarterly newsletters. I wanted to personally thank each and every patient that has entrusted Fort Myers Vein Specialists with their vein health. We do truly care about each individual patient we take care of. We hope that the beginning of 2021, has been far less eventful for each […]