How to apply compression stockings?

There are several different techniques on how to apply compression stockings, with no “wrong” way if the stocking is evenly distributed on the leg or limb without any wrinkles or creases. One must ensure that the heel pocket is placed properly, and that the garment terminates at the proper location. For knee or calf-length stockings, the garment should reach past the widest part of the calf and below the crease in the knee. If not, the product is either too long or too short. Thigh-length stockings should terminate below the gluteal fold or buttocks. Panty-length stockings will terminate above the hips at the waistline, and make sure the compressive leg portion is secured into the groin area.

How to make compression stockings last longer?

It is important to care for your compression garments properly as they are a medical device and an investment in your health. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most value from your medi® product:

Protect your garments from punctures and tears during application. The use of application gloves will help prevent jewelry from making inadvertent tears and punctures. Also, the use of a medi butler has been a good solution to protect compression stockings damage when applying and removing.

Another common reason for damaged compression stockings is from punctures and tears from poorly fitting shoes, toenails that are well-manicured, and snags from wear without shoes. A quick inspection can prevent an unfortunate mistake.

Although medi compression garments may seem nearly indestructible, they are not tolerant of long-term heat and light. It is recommended to store your compression garments in a dark, cool location like a dresser or chest.

How to measure for compression stockings and other garments?

It is always recommended to have medi compression garments fit by a certified fitting technician at one of our dealer locations. They have been trained on the various disease conditions, product selection, and the measuring of each of our product lines. Additionally, most medi dealers have billing services to bill most insurance companies when accompanied with a valid prescription.

There are circumstances when a patient, or a caregiver, will need to measure for a ready-made or off-the-shelf compression garment. Use a flexible tape measure to calculate the circumferences and lengths at the core points of the ankle, widest part of the calf, and the thigh as seen in the diagram. The correct size will be determined by the specific chart for each medi product.