This 2nd edition of our quarterly newsletter comes to you from our brand new location in Fort Myers! We made our move finally at the beginning of July! We are very excited to be in the new space, which allows us to better serve you. If you haven’t already looked up where we are, the address is included with a small area map that you can pull up from a link in this edition.

We made the move for several reasons, but first and foremost, we continue to grow! That’s exciting! These uncertain times in world health, governmental policies, and struggles in our economy have definitely affected all of us. We absolutely appreciate you, and the trust you have placed in us taking care of your vein health.

I would like to invite you to feel free to contact me via our webpage email link with any questions about venous disease you may have. Let me know if you would rather come in, or talk over the phone, or via email to answer your questions. I am willing to use any form of communication you wish. Sometimes it is best to answer a problem/question face to face, but I can certainly try to educate remotely if at all possible. In fact, some people have told me they found the answer to their question on the website already.

As always, stay safe, work hard, play hard, and enjoy your loved ones!!

~ Jared Reiss, Primary Provider FMVS