This is the first of hopefully many quarterly newsletters. I wanted to personally thank each and every patient that has entrusted Fort Myers Vein Specialists with their vein health. We do truly care about each individual patient we take care of. We hope that the beginning of 2021, has been far less eventful for each of you, and your family, than the beginning of 2020 was. I pray that each of you has gotten through this pandemic with as little disruption of your life and family as possible.

Some of you may know that our office was able to take a short break in mid-March. I was able to get away with my family and spend some quality time. We escaped to the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee! We were able to do some hiking and fishing, and of course, enjoy some live music in town. If you ever get a chance to visit there, they actually have a surprisingly impressive zoo on the south side of Nashville. My 10-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoys the Red Panda they have there.

For the first issue of our newsletter, I wanted to give you a little history of why I wanted to take care of vein health. Sometimes people in healthcare don’t necessarily choose their specialty, or they “fall into” a specialty. I do have very strong faith, and I believe this area of medicine was meant for me and my family. I started in healthcare in 1995 as a PA. I spent almost 20 years in orthopedics. Most of that time was spent treating many patients’ foot, ankle, lower leg disorders. Those problems included venous and arterial diseases in their end stages. I treated many open wounds that were chronic and nonhealing. In the last 20 years, the tremendous gain in knowledge of vein disease and treatment options opened up a specialty that has allowed me to help people long before they get to the end-stage of the disease. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to help people with vein disorders!

We want our patients to take full advantage of all of our services, so we have started promoting a friends and family referral program! If you’ve already had deeper procedures with us, and your legs are feeling pretty good, but there are a few spider veins you would like to get rid of, take a closer look at this program. We love getting direct referrals from our patients, so if you send us somebody that could benefit from our services, you could benefit aesthetically as well!

Again, thanks for letting us be a part of your healthcare! Stay healthy! Stay active!

~ Jared Reiss, FMVS Primary Provider