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Si es así, puede ser elegible para un tratamiento de venas varicosas no invasivo.

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I was a little skeptical at first with a PA But i had another opinion from a vascular physican . I was told that Jared had done an awesome job on my legs. And had been very well trained.
Súper profesional, sin dolor y recomendado 100%
I am absolutely thrilled to write this glowing review for Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists. Today, I underwent the Varithena procedure on my right leg to address a lingering vein issue from my ankle. Dr. Magnant’s expertise and care were truly evident throughout the entire procedure.In addition to the Varithena treatment, I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Magnant’s skill in cosmetic therapy for my spider veins. I kindly asked if he would consider performing this additional procedure for an extra fee, and he graciously agreed. The entire time was not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable, as Dr. Magnant had me in stitches with his delightful humor.I cannot express enough how fortunate I feel to have found such an outstanding practice led by Dr. Magnant and his team. And speaking of the team, let me share my admiration for Eva. She is an absolute doll, embodying professionalism, kindness, and expertise. Her contribution to the exceptional care provided at Vein Specialists is truly invaluable.A heartfelt five-star review hardly seems sufficient to convey my gratitude and satisfaction. If you’re seeking top-notch medical expertise, a positive experience, and a team that truly cares, look no further than Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists.With sincere appreciation,MaryAnn Q
Dr Magnant is a great doctor I had surgery done there he did a great job explaining the procedure and a very caring person thank you and your staff which also were great
Staff was great, I can’t wait to see my spider veins disappear!
Jared and his whole team are absolutely amazing. Every single person in this office is so kind, professional and they really care. They take their time, they explain every step of the process and personally: They are giving me my confidence back. I have developed bad varicose veins due to a lack of valves and I am looking forward to wearing shorts for the first time.Thank you Mr. Jared Reiss and your entire team ♡
Have been having my veins treated with Jared! He is professional and carrying! My legs have improved tremendously! I can now stand and do things that before we’re painful. They look a lot nicer too! Norah is a sweetheart! 100% recommended!
I highly recommend them for your vein procedures. They are very attentive and kind. Thank you
Me siento feliz y bendecida. Grasias a Dios. Y el tratamiento mesieto muy bien. Ya mis piernas no me duelen más grasias al buen equipó. Por su trabajo. Bendiciones
When you walk to the check in you know you are in a happy workplace. Everyone is pleasant and will take excellent care of you. Thank you for treating my hubby with such respect as a new patient. Dr. Magnant knew exactly how to reach my guy. He is a I’m not going to the Doctor person. He was at ease and when we left commented how nice Dr. was. I was amazed. Thanks to all the staff who have seen him and Kim for the treat.
Recently I had Ablation surgery at”Vein Specialist in Ft. Myers”. Dr. Joseph Magnant was my surgeon! I have to give a BIG shout out to Dr. Magnant & his wonderful assistants, Liz, Loren & Michelle for their excellent care, cheerful personalities & professional knowledge. Not only did they take the time to explain everything they were doing, they made me feel very comfortable & aware of everything throughout the surgery. Dr. Magnant was also very professional & fully explained the procedure in layman terms before (in a pre-surgical seminar) and during my surgery. He is a skilled & wonderful surgeon. I’m very happy with the results!Also, the entire staff from the receptionist to the ultrasound techs were very pleasant & friendly. The ENTIRE staff is an asset to his practice. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Magnant hands down, if you’re in need of a vein specialist. He’s the best! Thank you Dr. Magnant & all your wonderful staff!Nancy McLaughlin
They are really the best. Careful ands attentive and happy to work with you. You can even get to enjoy good music while you are there! Really great experience!
Jared and his team are amazing, they make you feel very comfortable. Jared is very thorough with the process. It’s not a one office visit and done, I have been going to him since the beginning of the year for varicose veins and have seen a tremendous change. I am now confident enough to wear shorts in public and restlessness legs is completely gone, and we are not even done with the results. My experience has been 0% painless and Jared makes sure you are doing ok through the whole process. Procedure is very fast too, and there’s no downtime. I would recommend Jared and his team 100%.
Jared and his team are fantastic!! They walk you through the entire process. He identified himself as a PA at our very first appointment and I appreciated that. Also I didn't use insurance and paid out of pocket his prices were very reasonable.
The entire team is amazing1 Always kind and caring. Jarrod always explained everything really well! I have never been able to wear shorts due to a big spider vein area on the back of my leg. Now, after seeing the team, I can comfortably walk around in shorts and feel confident about my legs! I will definitely recommend!
Jared and his team are the best vein specialists Ive ever encountered. The entire team is considerate, caring and insightful when it comes to vascular health. Jared is honest about expected outcomes, talks you through each procedure and - if you are afraid of needles - has a very gentle approach. As a patient with a very strong genetic disposition to phlebitis and leg ulcers, and documented venous issues for years, Jared has been the first to help me recognize and do anything I can to control the progression with a sound plan, not just a one off procedure. Great team!!!!
Love my legs now !Thanks so much to Jared and his wonderful staff ! Its such a great feeling to put shorts on and walk out the door without a secound thought !
Jared and the ultrasound technician were very professional when dealing with me! Vein gogh personally did not work for me, but his team performed sclerotherapy and vein ablations and I have had fantastic results! I definitely recommend them!
Jared Reiss is the best specialist in varicose and spider vein procedures. I am very satisfied and happy in my the results. He is very amible and professional. The staff are very kind and attentive. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone who seeks REAL help. My legs have never been better!! I am very thankful!
The staff is very helpful and kind, Dr. Reiss is very gentle and makes the procedues painless!
Absolutely the best vein specialist I’ve visit so far. Had a horrible experience with another vein specialist locally. My legs were in fairly bad shape. Jared developed a plan of treatment and it’s been fantastic. My legs look great and they don’t hurt! I can confidently say they are the BEST! And would recommend everyone to them.If you’ve got Vein issues see them. You will be so happy you did! Super down to earth staff & friendly!
Jared Reiss PA, Kelly and Nour - dinamic team that goes out of their way to make their petients happy!.  They are professional, friendly, and 100% dedicated to provide patiens with the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans. Great people! Couldn't ask for a better Care!
I had both Varicose and spider vein procedures. I was in pain and my legs looked awful! Legs improved significantly after the procedure. No more pain and they looked great! I highly recommend Jared Reiss, P.A. His staff were very professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend this center and the procedures to anyone.
I had vein treatment on both legs. I can not express how great my over all experience was with the staff and doctor and the results are much better than I expected. Thank you so much
I first went to Fort Myers Vein Care a couple months ago on referral from my primary care physician for painful and bulging vericose veins, and the improvement in both pain and appearance since has been extraordinary. Jarod and Kelly have both taken awesome care of me.
I have had one treatment of VeinGogh on each leg and after a few short weeks I notice some visible results already, veins are diminishing, externally legs are healing nicely as well. Thank you Jared !
Jared did an awesome job treating my legs. I stand all day at work and my legs used to get so heavy and tired; I could not stand by the end of the day. My legs feel significantly better after a few convenient treatments.He and his staff were very professional! I would recommend them to anyone!
Let me start off by saying how much of a chicken I am to do anything that uses needles. I hate them. I came to the Vein Specialist after having a horrible experience at a medspa in Naples...all I wanted was to get rid of my spider veins and it hurt so much, I ran out of there shoeless. I swore never to do this again. Well, I saw a special in Groupon for this location and decided to try. I made the appointment with Allen for a consultation and learned the Veingogh treatment was not enough. I need actual Sclero therapy. My heart sank but I already had the groupon purchased. You know what Dr. Jared did for me? #1 He educated me #2 assured me he would numb the area being treated. #3 honored my groupon as part of the overall treatment. Ok, I felt a bit more at ease and made an appointment for my first treatment.Just as he promised, he numbed the area and went to work. I will not say it was completely painless, but it was tolerable. Dr. Jared talked to me throughout the treatment, played some music (Notorious BIG) to distract me. Did it? No, but I was able to practice my hip hop skills. Today, I had my 2nd treatment and it went just as well as the first. Dr. Jared and Allen are the best. Even though this isn't my most favorite thing to look forward to, I wouldn't go anywhere else. <3
I highly recommend Jared Reiss for your vein care. He helped me tremendously where other Dr in the area did not. He explains everything to you and is very knowledgeable on what you need. His assistant Kelly is awesome also.


La mayoría de las compañías de seguros cubren los procedimientos de venas varicosas en Fort Myers.

Sin dolor

¡Equipado con los últimos tratamientos de venas de vanguardia, mínimamente invasivos y sin dolor!

Recuperación súper rápida

¡Se sorprenderá de cómo la mayoría de nuestros pacientes regresan a sus actividades cotidianas normales después de los tratamientos venosos!

15-45 Minutos

Ahora puede disfrutar de un viaje sin venas varicosas con tratamientos que solo demoran de 15 a 45 minutos en completarse.

Problemas de salud de Venice Gardens

Si estás luchando con la incomodidad y la apariencia de las venas varicosas, no estás solo. Un estudio en la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina muestra que el 24% de los adultos en los Estados Unidos experimentan venas varicosas, y el 6% tiene síntomas de enfermedad venosa crónica.

Solo en Venice Gardens, eso podría significar que hasta 836 residentes viven con venas varicosas visibles y 209 pueden estar lidiando con enfermedades venosas crónicas subyacentes. Pero, el alivio está a solo una llamada telefónica de distancia.

Nuestros médicos de venas dedicados están aquí para ayudarlo a volver a sentirse y lucir lo mejor posible. Confíe en nosotros para brindar la atención experta que necesita para piernas más saludables y felices.

Llámenos hoy y da el primer paso hacia un mejor mañana.

Procedimiento rápido no invasivo que le permite …

  • Visitar el Snook Haven Park
  • Disfrutar de un día en la playa de Caspersen
  • Dar un paseo por el muelle de pesca de Venecia
  • Pasar por el mercado de la granja de Detwiler
  • Visitar el Teatro de Venecia
  • Y muchos más

¡Es hora de mostrar esas patas sin venas varicosas! Visite nuestra clínica y consulte nuestro tratamiento de venas varicosas en Venice Gardens.

Profesionales dedicados a venas de Venice Gardens

En nuestro Centro de Tratamiento de Venas de Venice Gardens, los pacientes pueden recibir atención experta de nuestro equipo dedicado de especialistas de venas altamente calificados y experimentados. Nuestros médicos entienden los problemas de venas únicos de cada paciente y proporcionan las opciones de tratamiento más adecuadas, desde la cirugía tradicional hasta los procedimientos mínimamente invasivos.

Ofrecemos opciones de financiamiento flexibles para garantizar que nuestros tratamientos sean accesibles para todos, y el tratamiento de venas varicosas que brindamos en Venice Gardens siempre es efectivo y de la más alta calidad. Nuestro equipo se dedica a abordar las necesidades de cada paciente y garantizar su satisfacción después de cada tratamiento.

¡Da el primer paso hacia venas saludables y reserve una cita con uno de nuestros especialistas en venas de Venice Gardens hoy! ¡Llámenos para programar su cita ahora!

Acerca de los especialistas en venas de Fort Myers

Identificar, tratar y eliminar

Fort Myers Vein Specialists se fundó para atender una amplia gama de problemas venosos en las piernas.
Nuestros especialistas vasculares tienen más de 40 años de experiencia combinada en el manejo médico y el tratamiento mínimamente invasivo de la insuficiencia venosa y las venas varicosas. Entendemos que buscar la excelencia en la atención al paciente requiere un compromiso práctico, centrado en el paciente y de tiempo completo con usted.
Logramos esto a través de procedimientos quirúrgicos y basados en catéteres mínimamente invasivos utilizando equipos de última generación y orientación por imágenes. Muchas condiciones que alguna vez requirieron cirugía abierta ahora pueden tratarse de manera menos invasiva con menos riesgo, dolor y tiempo de recuperación.
Cada paciente de Fort Myers será tratado individual y profesionalmente en cada paso de su atención médica.

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